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Sicily, one of the favorite destinations for tourism “on the road”.

Sicily is an island truly full of different tourist attractions, such as the beautiful sea, the characteristic towns and villages, but also the great food and the warmth of its inhabitants. It is very difficult to generally skim on the places to visit, as everyone has its own peculiarity.

First of all you have to understand the type of holiday you would like to spend and how many days you want to stay on the island. If you are planning a relaxing holiday at the seaside, then just take a comfortable plane and go to your resort and enjoy very beautiful days in a crystal clear sea. For those of you who want to make a more adventurous holiday, or maybe just a right mix between sea and cultural and art cities, then you will need to organize a nice tour.

The monuments. If you love monuments and culture then you have to visit the works of Sicily, all of them unique thanks to the succession of the various cultures who inhabited it, starting with the Greeks, then the Romans, the Arabs, the Normans, the Saracens and the Aragonese . Monuments and museums are present in big cities as well as in small villages.

Typical products. If you go to Sicily you can not taste the “cassata” and the typical Sicilian “cannoli”! These are the most representative sweets in Sicily. They also represent a typical Carnival cake: it seems that the “cannolo” was born as a joke. It is said that the boys packed a “cannolo” whose ends were stuffed with ricotta cream while inside there was a cotton ball, the victim tasted the end and when it came to the center found the surprise!

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